How to join
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How to join

Join EMA today

Membership criteria

Membership is open to national management organisations and applications to join must be made to the Executive Secretariat.

Those organisations must (a) be not for profit, non-governmental and non-religious; (b) have primary activity in the field of management or leadership, the organisation of management and the professionalism of management.

Where there is no national management organisation/association in a particular country, then a regional management organisation may become the lead member.

Where there is no national or regional management organisation/association in a particular country, then an institute or organisation working in a related field, such as management development, leadership etc, may become the lead member.

There may be more than one member organisation per country, who will be ‘associate members’.

Procedure & Fees

We are an active european  network bringing together management practitioners and professionals from across Europe. To join us, applicants for membership are required to send a letter of application to the Executive Secretary together with a company profile. You may download the template by clicking on the “Join Us Now button”, below.

For more information you may contact us using the contact details on the footer.

High contribution members

Annual fee 3000EUR

Full National members

Annual Fee 1000EUR

Research/Academic Organisations

Annual Fee 750EUR

Other type of Organizations and/or Associations

Annual Fee 750EUR

Entrance Fee

Once off payment 500 EUR