About EMA
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About EMA

The European Management Association

EMA was established in 1950 as CECIOS – the European Management Council by management associations in UK, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands. It was the European Chapter of CIOS – The World Management Council. Actually, it was the Confederation of the Management Associations in Europe and its main scope was, and still is, to increase the penetration of Management theory and practice in the European countries through the cooperation of its members.

As in all similar Organizations there were periods that the Organization was very successful and periods that the association was not performing very well. The decrease of the Management Associations in Europe had an impact in CESIOS History and that was the main reason, that, in 2004 CESIOS was re-launched with the Brand EMA -European Management Association-with the same scope but also with the vision to become the most important network body of Managers all over Europe.

EMA today has an important role among the management associations in Europe, with the main aim to develop, and disseminate know-how and experiences in the art, science and practice of management. It is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making, professional, cultural and ethically-oriented organisation without political bias or government affiliation.

EMA’s vision is to become and be acknowledged as the leading management association in Europe, that best represents and promotes the interests of management organisations and academic associations involved in the development of management.